Why You Should Have A Professional Home-Value 

Analysis Before Listing Your Home For Sale:


  • An accurate estimate of your current home value
  • A discussion on your neighboring comparables (the homes that your potential buyers are also considering)
  • Your home's positioning in light of current local trends
  • Strategizing on possible investments, like the most important repairs to make (and what you can safely avoid doing)


  • NONE! (just joking)
  • An analysis is not the same as an offer- you'll never know what it can sell for until it sells.
  • You'll have to talk to a Realtor 😉. Ok, but seriously, I understand any hesitancy. Most of us act like desperate salesmen, and it undermines the actual value we can bring when you're seriously considering a move. I'll do everything I can to make sure you are comfortable with everything we do in assessing your home value. And I won't expect you to sell your home (or work with me) after giving you the results.
  • Hmmm. Well, there's a chance you won't like the results of your analysis. But, right now, people are selling for more than you're expecting, so this is not as much of a concern.

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How many real estate brokers have an interior design background, can transform any space, and can even help you build your next-best-place to live from the ground up? 

Meet Tana Lee...

"I was happy to return back to Billings and obtain my Real Estate license in 2014 and my Broker’s license in 2019. I love utilizing my design skills to help seller’s prepare their home to look it’s best when listing it for sale!"

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What Clients Have Said:

Clay B

Tana gave me great advice on how to sell my house and set it up. What to fix and contractor s to call. She was a great help and she would answer all my questions in a very responsive time. Fun to work with. Actually feel like she cares. Thank you Tana!

Rods Nielsen

Our experience was fantastic. We listed our home and within two days we had an offer we accepted. There we a couple of things that we needed and Tana took care of them promptly. She kept us informed on the progress, we were always up to date. My wife and I enjoyed the process and highly recommend Tana to sell or purchase your home.

Jeff Beatty

I trust Tana enough to let her view a property and put in an offer site unseen. Very professional and attentive would recommend to anyone needing to buy or sell real estate.

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